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Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity

  1. JFD


    Cultural Diversity adds depth to each Civilization by assigning them to one of 30 Cultures (with 13 additional subcultures). The mod is compartmentalized into different components. See the Steam Workshop link above for details.

    Mod Support
    (Copy the below text into your mod and replace the examples at the bottom).
    • COF: Research
    • Janboruta: Research, Artwork
    • Leugi: Graphics, Research, Artwork
    • Kesler: Research
    • Klisz: Research
    • Reedstilt: Research
    • Regalman: Research
    • sss64sss: Research
    • SnowyNix: Research
    • Sun Ce of Wu the Musician:
    • Sword of Geddon: Research
    • TheLohoped: Research
    • Tomatekh: Artwork
    • TPangolin: Research
    • Hangman: Graphics
    • Wolfdog: Graphics
    Additional Credits

    Spoiler :

    Unit Dialogue:
    Except for those listed below, all unit dialogue taken from Civ IV.
    Italian - Napoleonic Era Team
    Hunnic - cool3a2
    Polish- Napoleonic Era Team
    Siamese - Sukritact
    Swedish - Napoleonic Era Team

    Andreas Waldetoft - Music (EU: Rome OST) - Various
    Stephen Rippy, Kevin McMullan - Music (AoM) - Various
    Tyler Bates - Music (Rise of the Argonauts) - Various

    TheOngkhaphayop - Various tracks taken from their channel
    eklavvya - Art
    Thanakorn Chaijinda - Art
    ohnios - Art
    tonyhurst - Art

    Adrian von Ziegler - Music
    Antti Martikainen - Music
    BrunuhVille - Music
    The Royal Scots Dragoons - Music - Various

    adamkuczek - Art
    flaviobolla - Art
    najtkriss - Art
    TaiGyoza - Art
    Terserone - Art

    jcbarquet - Art

    Please see the included Credits.txt file for a partial list of credits for music and art used. The ones listed are those used on multiple occassions.

Recent Updates

  1. Update to v13

Recent Reviews

  1. Soupy Delicious
    Soupy Delicious
    Adds so much flavour to the mundane gameplay. And the amount of music included in the soundtrack is HUGE! 4.5gb of tastefully chosen new music for all the different cultures? Hell yeah!
  2. ofmiciv5
    Flavor of the.... civ? Like it.