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Cultural Golden Age 2

Civ wide culture is accumulated to trigger Golden Ages

  1. Imp. Knoedel
    NOTE: This version is outdated and no longer supported. Please use this mod instead, thank you.


    Every civilization now accumulates culture on a global level in addition to local city culture. Whenever it passes certain thresholds a Golden Age begins.

    To install you only need to unpack the .zip in your Beyond the Sword\Mods folder.

    Credit goes to Maniac who developed this mechanic for his excellent Planetfall mod, I merely cut it out so that it might find some use in other mods too or even be used as a standalone.


    1. CulturalGoldenAge.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Louis the XIV
    Louis the XIV
    Version: 2
    This is extremely good! Nice work!
    1. Imp. Knoedel
      Author's Response
      Thank you, although I'm unsure how you were able to enjoy a full game of this in the 20 minutes since I've uploaded it. ^^