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Culture Japan / Sorunia Civilization 2016-10-05

Culture Japan / Sorunia Civilization

  1. Typhlomence
    Original release: 23rd April 2016 | Current Version: 23rd April 2016

    This mod adds two civilizations based on Danny Choo's Culture Japan and Mirai Millennium, both with the sweet and reliable Mirai Suenaga as their leader! Each civilization in this mod has a different focus - Culture Japan, as you can expect, is designed around spreading Tourism and winning Cultural Victories, while Sorunia (Mirai Millennium) promotes high Production and strong military units.

    Mirai's appearance - at least for the Culture Japan civilization - will also change depending on the location of her capital. If it is located near snow or tundra, she'll appear in her winter uniform, otherwise she'll appear in her summer uniform. That's if you don't meet the conditions for her third appearance...

    This was supposed to be released on April Fools' day and so is a bit of a joke civ, but obviously I missed that. I hope you enjoy it anyway. :)

    This mod requires Brave New World.

    Steam Workshop page (screenshots can also be found here)
    My CivFanatics thread

    Culture Japan:


    Mod options can be changed via the MiraiOptions.sql file.


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