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Culture Per Pop v1 2016-10-05

Culture Per Pop v1

  1. Mylon
    This mod adjusts the flat culture buildings in the game to generate culture based on the city's population. They now produce the same amount of culture as before when the city is at size 5, and more for every point of population beyond that. Tooltips are included to reflect this. Since culture comes more easily, the palace now produces a whopping 5 culture (flat) so it remains relevant later on.

    As an example, a monument in a size 10 city will produce 4 culture.

    Buildings updated:
    Opera House
    Public School
    Mughal Fort
    Mud Pyramid Mosque
    Burial Tomb

    Culture per 5 population values all converted based on the March 1st 2011 patch.

    v2 possibilities:
    • Adjust Social Policy costs to reflect more overall culture. Cultural victory may be too easy now, especially for a OCC.
    • Adjust Social Policies to change the +1 per city style civics to +1 per 5 population.
    • Boost the culture generation of wonders so they are not eclipsed by large cities.

    Known bugs (mostly limitations of doing this in lua script):
    Spoiler :

    Culture rate is updated at the start of a player's turn. The AI will not benefit from culture buildings on the first turn of building them because of this. Additionally, if a building is sold, it will still produce culture at the end of the turn it is sold on.