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Great read and details! Keep it up!
A very long work. But some important concepts are ignored(eg, art from the same GP only provide 1 Culture and 1 Tourism.) Also, the main point is not emphasized.
Thanks for this, guide, extremely useful.
If i can ask your advice when looking at tourism from the other side, if your going for a domination victory but one of your rivals is EXTREMELY close (144/155 tourists) to beating you to the post with a culture win. what would be best way of stopping them?
At the top of the general advice part it says"This is not a Dom guide but one piece of advice on such a strategy is to seriously damage civs with high culture output early." you can still do this later but it's hard, their tourism is spread and they do not need you to get a victory. Getting them hated helps but you need to pillage their theatres and resorts.
Wow, a lot of effort involved but this is a very detailed guide

" I am unsure at this stage where the +2 from modifiers comes from. Please let me know if you do."

I think it's from the first envoy sent to a cultural city state ('get 2 culture in your capital city')
Excellent resource
Very good guide, helped me alot.
Wow! Never knew Culture victory required so much forethought. Thanks for clarifying
This is awesome. Great!
Awesome, helped a lot
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