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Custom Advanced Setup Screen (HotSeat with Mods) 2016-10-05

Custom Advanced Setup Screen (HotSeat with Mods)

  1. Gedemon
    A custom advanced setup screen from which you can launch hotseat games with mods activated.


    - download the .civ5mod file in your MODS folder (..\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS).
    - launch game, go to the mod browser, click the "Install Mods" button.
    - click on the "Installed" tab, find the Custom Setup lines and activate it.
    - from the mod section, go to single player and then to custom game
    - click "Advanced Setup" then "Load Mod"


    In hotseat mode, you can save your game nomally, but because of current civ5 engine limitations for multiplayer & mods, you can't reload a hotseat game from the mod/single player load menu.

    So I've added a hotseat load menu in the custom game screen, you can reload your modded hotseat game from here.


    Please use the mod's thread for bug reports and suggestions.


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