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Custom Civilization - ModBuddy template 2020-06-30

Complete ModBuddy project to help you configure a custom civilization for use with Vanilla/R&F/GS

  1. maconnolly
    What is this?

    This is intended as an all-in-one ModBuddy project template for creating a custom civilization for Civilization VI. The civilization in this template has its own unique leader, unique unit (replacing a base-game unit), unique infrastructure (improvement) and unique abilities (civilization and leader). Essentially - all of the core components you'd expect a civilization to consist of.

    Who is it for?

    It is intended to enable budding modders to create a custom civilization and configure their mod to execute on the base-game, Rise & Fall and/or Gathering Storm expansions.

    What's inside?

    It draws on a range of source material to try and highlight the way some of the expansion-specific functions work - for that reason, the ModBuddy project (as-is) is R&F- and GS-compatible (if built with no modifications). It includes 'commented out' sections that would easily enable the custom civilization to be playable in the vanilla game, too.

    I have tried to explain all of the code concepts as well as I can. I am sure it is not perfect and there may be more efficient ways of doing some parts.

    This project uses artwork from three sources - my own, another modder's Olmec mod from Civilization V (Leugi) and the Civilization VI game itself.

    How do I use it?

    If you are new to modding using ModBuddy, I can recommend the following approach:

    1. With ModBuddy loaded and the project opened, you'll see a folder structure on the left-hand-pane.
    2. Start with the 'Core' folder and open Civilization_Config.sql first. Work through the sections in order to understand them. Do not find-and-replace terms for your first attempt.
    3. Once you have got through this first file, work through all other SQL files in the 'Core' folder next.
    4. Next, move on to the 'Leader' folder and start with the Leader_Core.sql.
    5. Work through all other SQL files in the 'Leader' folder next.

    The annotation gets 'less detailed' as you go along, if you go in this order - as concepts are only explained as 'new' the first time they are used. This way, you'll understand the references from files you've worked through earlier in the process most effectively.

    What is it not?

    It does not contain any custom 3D models - it leverages base-game assets to produce a unique-looking unit.

    Equally, the commentary in the attached does not walk through the process for importing custom artwork. It provides the necessary folder structure and links between files - however, excellent guides exist on these forums for the specifics around 2D and 3D artwork creation. I recommend those wishing for specific guidance on artwork use those guides alongside this template for their first project.

    Does it work?

    Yes! I have validated against Civilization VI Vanilla, Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm on 30/06/2020 (including successful game launch of R&F and GS with built mod enabled; lightly-modified built mod enabled to test on Vanilla).

    Who am I?

    I am sharing this as someone who has gone through the learning process recently myself - I built this from the ground up, with all sections commented to explain how they work (as best as I am able!).

    I am a competent coder, fluent in XML and SQL. I can confirm that this template 'works' and all items coded herein function as intended and as described in-game.

    If you've downloaded it, I welcome feedback, critique and commentary against this template's functionality and quality. I even want to know what you used it to build!

    By all means, ask questions of me!

    I will iterate it and improve it over time - but with a new wave of modders (myself amongst them) appearing, I wanted to share it ASAP.

Recent Reviews

  1. Dovacube
    Version: 2020-06-30
    This is a awesome, the commentaries helped me a lot to understand modding basics. Thank You
  2. That_Dude
    Version: 2020-06-30
    11/10 has made my life easier in trying to learn these past few days
  3. Sirsquier
    Version: 2020-06-30
    This was amazing. I'd also love some additions (such as non replacing units, districts, and buildings)
    1. maconnolly
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Glad it has helped. I will definitely iterate this to include a variety of different unique items. An additional unit, a replacement unique district and a replacement unique building are all logical ways to extend this.