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Cybernary's Mod 2020-05-10

Mod for single player new random or custom BtS game

  1. Cybernary
    Civilization 4 Beyond the Sword Cybernary's Mod

    **** Requirements ****
    Civ 4 game ;)
    Beyond the Sword Add-on
    Version 3.19

    Langages supported
    English : full translation ; there must still have translations errors, sorry for that ;)
    German, Italian and Spanish : either original civ4 texts or english translations

    **** install ****
    Just un-zip the cybernary.zip archive into the add-on mod folder
    ...\Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\

    Launch Civ4 BtS game => on main menu => Advanced => load a Mod => Cybernary (it may take a little time to load)
    Start a new random or custom game
    Enjoy !

    **** Changes made from original game ****
    (this can be found in civipedia => Beyond the Sword Concepts => Cybernary's Mod)

    Single player mod, for new random or custom game.

    > Existing units, buildings, tech and resources : Nearly all units have been modified. Changes also on many buildings, technologies (tech tree modified) and some resources and improvements. Cities specialists effects also modified (couldn't make them change city happiness nore health, so if someone knows how to, please tell me).

    >Terrains : Terrains affect most unit's attack/defense (especially desert and ice/tundra terrains). Changes made in units statistics.

    > Promotions : All promotions have been modified, either lightly (only changed units type concerned, icon and/or tech required) or heavily (changed also promotion's effects). Added 23 new promotions (idea and buttons by me unless mentionned).
    > New units : Added 175 new units (!) Most of added units and arts are imported from existing mods or units, credits are mentionned in the unit's civipedia text. Unless mentionned, all buttons are made by me from screenshots.

    > Artillery units : All artillery units, inclunding warships, are once again "real" artillery units : they can safely bombard ennemy units and even kill them without engaging fight (having deleted that in the original game was for me an important error). Bombing power is twice the unit's combat power (except for german K12).

    > Capturable units : Many units are now captured when loosing a fight : most of common feet units (become a worker when captured) and medieval ships (frigates, galleons, etc, captured as same unit). Captured units can be recycled in town to speed up building construction (add shield bonus equal to half the captured unit's cost). For any concerned unit, it is mentionned in the unit's strategy text.

    > Combat experience : Experience earned when winning a fight depends on unit's power and 'tech' level. Early units gain more experience when defeating more powerfull and/or modern units. However, units still earn only 1 experience point when withdrawing (original number) and 0 when bombing (I don't know how to make bombing give experience).

    > Acknowledgements : I'd like to thank the civ4 team, the 'Road to War' mod and 'WWII december 1941' Mod teams (the two mods from which I imported most of the units I added), but also all other mods teams and authors of any stuff I borrowed. And last but not least : thanks to Torok for testing ;)

    > Comments : For any demand, bug report, credit mentionning, etc, please mail me at cybernary2020@gmail.com

Recent Updates

  1. may 27th 2020 update