Cyrus the Great leads Persia in this Mod of Civilization VI 1.4

This mod adds Persia as a playable civ

  1. DreadHerring
    The First Persian Empire

    Leader / Cyrus the Great

    Civilization Trait / Gate of All Nations
    Each Envoy sent to a city-state counts as two, if its Suzerain has a different government than Persia.

    Leader Trait / The Cyrus Charter
    +2% Gold per City-State you are the Suzerain of.

    Unique unit / Immortal
    Persian unique Ancient Era Unit that replaces the Spearman. It is cheaper to build and heals at the end of its turn, even after moving or attacking.

    Unique District / Apadana
    A district unique to Persia for Housing and Economic Growth. Replaces the Commercial Hub District. It provides housing as though it were an Aqueduct, and yields +1 Culture in internal trade routes. It must be built adjacent to a city-center.
    This is the first edition of the Persian civilization. This civilization is fully playable!
    Persia was an incredible civilization that used taxes, irrigation, wages, art, and war to create a stable multicultural empire.
    As a CIV, Persia manipulates the rivalry of governments to free them from the tyranny of their neighbors.
    There's something in it for you too. City-State allies are powerful, especially when Cyrus is skimming a little off the top.

    I'll be updating this once we get the SDK, and I'll be looking to add alternate leaders in the near future.
    Installation Instructions
    Unzip the files into your Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods directory
    In order for Art to work correctly, Unzip the contents of "DreadHerring's Icons" into

    Program Files(x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Sid Meier's CIVILIZATION VI/Base/Assets/UI/Icons
    This will replace the current files to accommodate my icons, so backing up your files is always recommended.
    This is a workaround for a lack of an SDK, and a copy of the files without my modifications is supplied should the original files be desired.
    Mod formatting thanks to @Rob (R8XFT)
    Civ Loadout Screenshot thanks to @sukritact and his CIV Selection Screen
    Thanks to @mbl for pointing me towards the icon fix.

    Known Issues:

    Apadana District appears as a tiny house and a largely empty field.
    Immortal appears as a warrior unit (all modded uniques do, by default.

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    Version: 1.4
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    Version: 1.3
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