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D&D Mystara Elven Units 2016-10-05

Here are some elven units I made for my D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) mod, based on the world of Mystara. Included are: an elven settler, worker, scout, warrior, and light footman. The warrior is kind of the base offense unit in my mod, with the light footman being the next upgrade after that. I was going to create my next few upgrades in the line as well, but chose to keep my current placeholders, as they're acceptable enough to me.

There are some notes I need to add for them. Hopefully I'll remember them all, so here goes:

1. The elves of Mystara are slightly shorter than the average human, so these units may be about a pixel or so smaller than regular PDM units. I reduced the PDMs size a tiny bit by overall scale, and then a tiny bit more by width, just to fit how I wanted them to be. I'm assuming it'll be barely noticeable (or maybe even not at all) at Civ Scale.

2. They're all based (some more loosely than others) on pictures of elves from D&D Mystara products.

3. To save time on them, they mostly use animations from Plotinus and CamJH. A huge thanks to the both of them. Other animations I created or altered myself.

4. The worker contains a crudely added fortify and attack anim. I added those using the short sword I gave him for his jungle anim. I'm aware that he carries a shovel for the default and run and then fortifies with a sword out of nowhere, but I just added those anims just in case and probably won't use them anyways. Also, I know that he slides a very tiny bit in the fortify, but I'm leaving it be as it's not that noticeable, and also for the same reasons about not probably using it anyways.

5. There may be slight alterations from the GIF previews, as they were created using the rendered BMPs, and some slight changes, such as post-storyboard work to the Light Footman's cape, were done afterwards.

6. The preview GIFs are all in the SW direction, by my choice, and a slight jump in the Light Footman's attack in the preview isn't in the final unit.

Thanks to...
themanuneed - who made all the preview GIFs for me, and helped me to correct a slight jump in the run anim of the units.
Plotinus - for various things, such as animations and his dynamic cloth tutorial, which I once again had to reference for one of these units.
utahjazz7 - for his unit making tutorial and props.
Moeniir - for FLICster
Steph - for his SBB program
CamJH - for animations
Various other 3rd parties - such as the creators of Photoshop, etc.
If I missed anyone else, I apologize and would appreciate if you would mention it to me so that I can add you to this list. :)

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