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Dad's Army - Walmington-on-Sea Civilization 2016-10-05

Dad's Army - Walmington-on-Sea Civilization

  1. Typhlomence
    Original release: 27th June 2014 | Current Version: 14th October 2015

    This mod adds a civilization based upon the British TV show "Dad's Army", with Captain George Mainwaring as its leader. He is leader of the Walmington-on-Sea civilization, based upon his town in the show, and it specialises in defense, gold and tourism. However, like Venice, Mainwaring is restricted to settling one city, and can only gain more via conquest or defection.

    This mod requries Brave New World.

    Steam Workshop page
    My CivFanatics thread

    Peace Theme: Dad's Army title theme
    War Theme: Devil's Galop


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