Dags Terrain Mod 2017-05-08

Mods Terrain and Feature yields

  1. dagriggstar
    This mod changes the yields of terrains and features. I didn't like the additive nature of yields in the base game and wanted to differentiate terrain types more. Changes are as follows

    Citizens eat 3 food per turn (up from 2)

    Grassland yields 3 food
    Plains yields 1 food, 2 production
    Tundra yields 2 food
    Desert yields 1 food, 1 production

    FloodPlains yield 4 food, but cannot have farms
    Hills -1 food, +1 production
    Marsh -1 food, +1 culture
    Rainforest +2 food, -2 production
    Woods no effect

    The most food benefit you can gain from a resource is +1

    Also changed Torres Del Paine to only spawn in tundra (too powerful otherwise), increased food on any food related natural wonder (Great Barrier Reef, Cliffs of Dover, Dead Sea, Crater Lake, Pantanal).
    Petra does not yield extra production and Huey yields an extra food (Bring in line to be similar to pre mod effects).