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Dainichi Sekai Taisen ver 3.0 2016-10-05

Dainichi Sekai Taisen ver 3.0

  1. kobayashi
    DST is a WWII Pacific Theatre scenario played from the perspective of the Japanese. After victory in the Sino-Japanese war of 1895, Japan was forced by the European Powers to return most of her conquered territories and then was subject to discriminating immigration laws in the U.S. and an unequal quota of warships in naval treaties in spite of fighting on the side of the Allies in World War One. For half a century, Japan has worked relentlessly to improve her infrastructure and armed forces in the quest for international recognition and respect, something no Asian power has been able to claim. Reckless modernization and expansion however has come at a price and by 1937, Japan is on the verge of economic collapse unless the resources of China and South-east Asia can be secured.

    One nice feature of DST is its browser compatible guide which covers in detail the background and history of Japan's military exploits from about 1900 to 1945. This is broken down into four sections, Asia's Own Naval Power, the Pacification of China, Preparation for All Out War and Defence of the Empire. The guide also describes the units prevalent during each period. You may choose to play from 1937, from the Japanese invasion of French Indochina or from Pearl Harbour.


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