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Dalek Tyranny 2016-10-05

Dalek Tyranny

  1. CurtSibling

    “When it is time to die - You will, in your agony, beg to pay homage to the Daleks!”
    - From ‘Ressurection of the Daleks’ - Doctor Who, 1984.

    The scenario is playable as seven different rival factions, and cover events that take place during a timeline where a Dalek invasion of Earth
    occurred in 1963. The campaign has been created from several Doctor Who themes, and can be assumed to take place in a ‘special’ continuum.

    The scenario attempts to combine the most fun aspects of the 'Doctor Who' series, with the Daleks and other classic foes. I hope to give CIV2 players
    a chance to experience an enjoyable campaign with all the battles, challenges and situations facing varied factions. There will be plenty to do!

    Doctor Who is quite unique and makes for good play. It will no doubt be a struggle to gain supremacy over the AI rivals and to subdue the four maps.
    Using Test of Time has given me the most options to create a very workable and great-looking representation of this unique science fantasy.

    This is what I hoped to create…And what I hope I have delivered to you, the player!

    Please note: This scenario is for CIV2 Test of Time.




    The 3rd Doctor, Sarah and K-9 face off against the Daleks in occupied London!

    Over a radioactive sea, the Skaro and Imperial Daleks prepare to engage in aerial warfare!

    The 4th Doctor, with Romana and the Movellans confront Davros on his saucer!

    My sincere thanks for help, advice and artwork goes to the following Time Lords:
    AGRICOLA, techumseh, fairline, Catfish, Sarsstock, Harry Tuttle, Typhoon, Patine.



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