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Dale's Combat Mod v2.6 (BTS 3.19) 2016-10-05

Dale's Combat Mod v2.6 (BTS 3.19)

  1. stolenrays
    Dale's Combat Mod v2.6 for BTS 3.19

    I have updated most components of DCM to 3.19. I did this by using the RevDCM source code and merging it with Better BTS AI and using Xenomorph's xml/art files. I have not incorporated Battle Effects. That proved a little tricker to convert, but I may try to incoporate them later with some help.

    This Mod combines Dale's combat related Mod Components, such as airbombing missions, stack attack, and ranged bombardment, and the WWII style atomic bomber. All source code is available for this mod, fully commented to easily signify what component code relates to. All components can be easily turned off or on in a single XML file which can be edited in any text editor.

    ------The Team------
    -Stolenrays & Roamty

    ------Included Components:------
    Spoiler :
    -Airbomb Missions: The air-bombing missions which featured in the BtS Mod Road to War are now available separately! Bombers can now air-bomb city defenses, city buildings, port air-bomb mission to attempt to sink ships, factories, or factory production.
    -Fighter Missions: Fighters can air-bomb city defenses,port-air bomb, hangar airbomb, or participate in fighter engagment missions.
    -Ranged Bombardment: Ranged Bombardment allows siege units to bombard in the field. By selecting the bombard icon you can select whether to bombard units only, improvements or cities.
    -Combined Arms Stack Attack: Combined Arms Stack Attack allows a full stack of units to engage an enemy stack of units. It replaces the one-on-one combat concept and allows a full stack to work together to eliminate an enemy stack.
    -Opportunity Fire: Opportunity Fire allows fortified bombard capable units (such as artillery) to automatically barrage enemy units which close on the position.
    -Active Defense: Active Defense allows patrolling fighters to engage enemy troops closing on them. This includes fighters on patrol in any location (city, carrier, etc).
    -Attack Support:
    -WW2 Atomic Bomber: This unit is a bomber that delivers a WW2 style A-Bomb payload. It has bomber graphics coupled with Nuke graphics.

    -----Turning components on/off----
    Spoiler :

    -All components except for Route Bombing are enabled via a Custom Game Option
    -Route Bombing is enabled with a Checkbox

    Spoiler :
    -This Mod is provided for the benefit of the whole community. Please use all/any parts as required, but please give me credit for the work I've done. Thanks to Roamty for testing and fixes and Dacubz request for the Hangar Airbomb Mission.
    -A number of new XML tags have been added to certain files, please merge carefully into your own Mods. I suggest using WinMerge to help, as I will only provide "Best Effort" support of merging into your own Mods.
    -All source code is included in the folder \C++ Changed\ inside the Mod's folder. I have made comments to help you identify which parts of the code belong to which components:
    ---New Tags----
    Spoiler :
    iDCMAirbombMission -Allows and sets odds of air bombing building (should be applied to all new buildings you wish to be bombable)

    bDCMAirBombTech1 -If enabled DCM air bombing chances increased
    bDCMAirBombTech2 -If enabled DCM air bombing chances increased

    iDCMBombRange -If set the unit may bombard tiles up to the range defined
    iDCMBombAccuracy -Accuracy of DCM bombarding
    bDCMAirBomb1 -Allows fighter support
    bDCMAirBomb2 -Allows bombing of buildings
    bDCMAirBomb3 -Allows bombing of factories
    bDCMAirBomb4 -Allows bombing of port facilities to attach ships directly in cities
    bDCMAirBomb5 -Allows bombing (destroying hammers) invested in city's current production
    bDCMFighterEngage -Allows unit to engage enemy air units directly
    -----Commented Code-----
    Spoiler :

    // Dale - DCM: DalesCombatMod specific code (not related to any component)
    // Dale - AB: Airbombing missions
    // Dale - RB: Ranged Bombard
    // Dale - SA: CASA, Opportunity Fire, Active Defense
    "RevolutionDCM - ranged bombard"
    "RevolutionDCM start" -->
    "Dale -" -->
    Dale - AB: Bombing
    Hangar Airbomb
    Dale - FE: Fighters
    Dale - RB: Field Bombard
    Dale - RB: Bug Fix
    Dale - SA: Opp Fire
    Dale - SA: Stack Attack
    Dale - NB: A-Bomb

    ----Version History----
    Spoiler :

    -----DCM 2.5-------
    -Added DCMBombAccuracyChange tag to Promotions.xml (accuracy promoction) from merged mod
    -Added Critical hit chance against seas units from merged mod

    -----DCM 2.4-------
    -Removed uneeded DCM Nukesokay tag
    -Removed max attempts SDK Code
    -Made Commenting easier by labeling starts
    -Modified RevDCM Defines to minimize SDK code
    -Removed BBAI Code except getBombardTurns
    -Removed uneed BBAI xml/python
    -Removed Civ Changer
    -Added Concept Text
    -Removed uneeded Text entries

    -----DCM 2.3-------
    -unit alert button, unit specific message for Port/Hangar Airbomb missions.
    -RangeBombard Gameoption Fix
    -Archer Bombard Mission Code removed
    -Unit Destroyed, hidden nationality, barbarian archer code added to rbombard code
    -Merged parts from Ranged Bombardment 3.19 by Orion/Dale
    -Active Defense Message includes "via Active Defense"
    -Opportunity Fire/Range Bombard Message changed to include damage amount/defender/City Attacked
    -Airbomb missions trigger plot recon
    -Applicable Air Missions can only target visible plots
    -Applicable Air missions only target plots with targetable buildings
    -population decrease always a random chance on air missions victory/defeat
    -Added a RevDCM CTD fix
    -Route Bombing checkbox
    -Messages need adjectives
    -Prereq Tech RADIO & FISSION for Atom Bomber
    -translation(later date)
    -DCM Promos-later
    -bitter winter/obsolete noTarget SDK code removed
    -added missing bTarget SDK code

    ------DCM 2.2------
    -Civ Changer is operational
    -New Civ Changer Art
    -Uneeded XML files Deleted

    -----DCM 2.1--------
    -Incorporated Roamty's sourcecode fixes
    -Incorporated Roamty's XML changes
    -Added Route bombing AI from Route AI Bombing Mod v1.1
    -Enabled route bombing & no man's land bombing from Route AI Bombing Mod v1.1
    -Included Documents for BetterBTSAI & Route Air Bombing
    -Range Bombardment message fix from History in the Making-postponed for later
    -Custom Game Option-postponed for later

    ----DCM v2.0-------
    -Field bombardment can inflict damage on single units again.
    -Hangar Airbomb Mission-Military planes not in intercept mode can be targeted and destroyed (similar to the port airbomb mission).
    -Fighter Engagement Mission can ONLY target fighters that are intercepting.
    -3 of the mission buttons changed.
    -Sunk message bug fixed.
    -Accuracychange xml tag removed from Civ4UnitSchema.xml

    -----DCM v1.9-----
    -added back in WW2 Style A-Bomb

    -----DCM v1.8-----
    -Isolated DCM standalone components from RevDCM

    -----DCM v1.7-----
    -Removed Civ Customiser

    -----DCM v1.6-----
    -Battle Effect length maxed at 10 turns
    -MHP requires Fission
    -Various bug fixes
    -Port Airbomb ships in forts
    -Solver's unofficial patch

    ----DCM v1.5-----
    -Many bug fixes
    -Many balance changes
    -Been so long I've forgotten all of them

    ----DCM v1.3-----
    -Added Fighter Engagement mission
    -Added CASA complete
    -Fixed Ranged Bombardment bug
    -Fixed Battle Effects bug
    -Fixed Nuke Bomber intercept bug

    ---DCM v1.2------
    -Updated Airbomb Missions to 1.3
    -Added Archer Bombard
    -Added Nuke Bomber Unit
    -Fixed Interface mode bug
    -Fixed Battle Effect bugs

    ---DCM v1.1------
    -Updated Airbomb Missions to 1.2
    -Added Ranged Bombardment
    -Added Civ Changer
    -Added Combined Arms Stack Attack (beta)
    -Added Opportunity Fire
    -Added Active Defense

    ---------DCM v1.0------
    -Added Airbomb Missions
    -Added Civ Customiser
    -Added Battle Effects
    -Added required code for DCM Concepts and Status popup

    Included Mods
    Original DCM 3.17
    RevDCM Source Code for DCM only
    Better BTS AI 1.01
    Route Air Bombing v1.1

    DCM 3.19 Thread


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