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Dark Ages - BtS 2016-10-05

Dark Ages - BtS

  1. ruff_hi
    This mod is all about war. Plain, straight up war, death, destruction and killing. The mod locks you in the dark ages. You can build medival units (knights, mace, crossbow, longbow, cats, trebs, etc). Tech is disabled, UUs and UBs are disabled, wonders are gone, great people are gone (GGs are still available). This mod is for the person that wants to break stuff and break lots of stuff.

    Mod description:
    • Must start game in Renaissance era for mod to function correctly
    • All leaders have no traits
    • No UUs or UBs
    • All techs in paper column and to right have been disabled
    • workers cannot create cottages
    • All wonders removed
    • Library removed
    • No specialists available
    • Civic Changes
      • All Civics have low upkeep
      • Gov: Despotism, Hereditary Rule
      • Legal: Barbarism, Vassalage
      • Labor: Tribalism, Slavery, Serfdom
      • Economy: Decentralization
      • Religion: Paganism, Organized Religion, Theocracy
      • Vassalage unit limit increased to 25 units
      • Can rush with gold if in Hereditary Rule

    There might be some small differences between the Vanilla and BtS version (ie unit limit for Vassalage).

    Thread for discussion.