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Dark Elven Female Warriors 2016-10-05

Dark Elven Female Warriors

  1. seZereth
    ok, as everyone was criing for svartalfar dark elven female warriors, i took that pic Grey fox posted in the FfH 0.16 teaser thread (that was the last post of the discussion, sorry sureshot and QES, i read) and triied to create something close to that. I hope everyone is satisfiied, if not, create your own :p
    Credits go to AlazkanAssassin for providing the base (used swordgirl and female archer, i only had to modify proportions and create a completely new texture plus head/ears which have been provided by Rabbit, White.. the shortsword is ripped from Dawn of War, will be replaced as soon as i get an appropriate one from one of our great 3dartists...)