Dark Lord the War of the Rings

Dark Lord the War of the Rings 2.2

Darklord, a Civ2 Scenario by Carl Fritz

Tolkien's War of the Rings is about to break out. All of the nations of Middle Earth are involved: Gondor, Mordor, Rohan, Elves, Dwarves, Harad, and Rhun. Can the Dark Lord and his allies be stopped?
The game is meant to be played as only as Mordor. Science in the game simulates the Dark Lord's search for the Ring. When Mordor learns "Whereabouts of the Ring", a halfling unit will be created which Mordor must track down and destroy in order to recover the Ring. When the Ring is recovered, Mordor will be able to build new units to help with the conquest of Middle Earth.
The scenario has lots of events. Some events bring characters onto the stage, others generate consequences for taking cities and killing characters.

Conversion by @gapetit, with new graphics and other small changes
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