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Dark Trooper 2016-10-05

Description: A veteran of the Clone Wars, Rom Mohc saw firsthand both the limitations and the advantages of battle droid infantry. When he rose to power as a general in the Imperial military, he masterminded the Dark Trooper Project, which would result in an advanced battle droid meant to serve as a "super stormtrooper."

The Dark Troopers were developed in 3 different phases, each phase stronger than the last. The Dark Trooper is a towering humanoid that has broad shoulders with metallic silver armor reminiscent of stormtrooper uniforms. Dark Troopers are programmed with a relentless drive to kill. They are typically armed with a plasma cannon and long-range explosive rockets. Phase Two Dark Troopers are equipped with repulsorlift jet packs that make them very agile attackers.

The Dark Troopers were first unleashed shortly after the Battle of Yavin, on the unsuspecting Alliance installation of Tak Base. The inhuman soldiers tore through all resistance, and devastated the Rebel outpost. Investigating this disturbing new assault was Alliance mercenary Kyle Katarn. He uncovered the secret Dark Trooper Project, and traced it back to its source on General Mohc's flagship the Arc Hammer.

Katarn infiltrated the Arc Hammer and sabotaged the titanic vessel. The Emperor was so infuriated by the loss of the Arc Hammer and the Dark Trooper Project, that all research into stormtrooper battle droids ended with Mohc's death.
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