Darkleaf's Mod Pack (As featured in my Slave Mod) 2016-12-08

Increased Movement, Resource Yield, Reduced Build times, and MORE!

  1. Northboy85

    Improved Resources & Improved Build Times Mod
    • Deserts: Oasis and their adjacent tiles yield 1 Food and 2 Production.
    • Fishing Boats: Now yield +1 Food/Gold.
    • Hills: Snow Hill and Desert Hills give 1 Production.
    • Sea Resources: Fish give +3 Food, Crab give +2 Food and +1 Culture, Pearls give +2 Gold, Whales gives +1 Faith and +1 Culture.
    • Land Resources: Cattle give +1 Food, Production, and Faith. Deer gives +1 Food and +1 Faith. Truffles and Sheep both give +1 Food. Silver gives +1 Culture.
    • Unit Cost: 20% Reduction (4 turns instead of 5 turns)
    • Building Cost: 40% Reduction (6 turns instead of 10 turns)

    Improved Movement Mod:
    • +1 Unit Movement for all Units.

    Improved Builders Mod:
    • Builders can now build Roads in all ages.
    • Builders gain +8 Charges. (Which makes them worth building mid/late game over producing Slaves, which are great early game)

    Improved Mountains Mod:
    • Mountains are now passable but require a turn to climb on, and a turn to climb off.
    • Mountains also have +4 Defense Modifier while on them. Great place for setting up Ranged Units!
    Will be adding a Penalty whenever a unit Climbs onto a Mountain by taking 15 Damage.

    This mod pack is not dependent on any assets and can be used with any combination of other mods!