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Dawn of Civilization 1.16

The spiritual successor of Rhye's and Fall of Civilization

  1. Leoreth
    Dawn of Civilization is a project that aims to continue the development of the original Rhye's and Fall of Civilization mod. You can think of it as RFC's spiritual successor.

    The continued development of this mod is dedicated to:
    • Representing parts of the world not represented by RFC
    • Improving on historical accuracy without sacrificing gameplay
    • Offering new content in the form of civilizations and victory types
    • Improving and optimizing existing RFC features
    • Adjusting base game elements to better suit a historical mod

    Short feature list:

    • Inclusion of Beyond the Sword civilizations that have been left out: Korea, Byzantium, Holy Rome
    • Many new, completely playable civilizations: Harappa, Polynesia, Tamils, Turks, Tibet, Indonesia, Moors, Poland, Italy, Mughals, Thailand, Congo, Argentina, Brazil and Canada
    • Certain civilizations can be reborn to create a completely new game experience: Persia returns as Iran, the Aztecs return as Mexico and the Maya return as Colombia
    • Completely new tech tree covering 141 technologies over 7 eras (based on and inspired by History Rewritten)
    • Included 31 new buildings and changed 20 existing ones
    • Included 87 new wonders and changed 20 existing ones
    • Included 11 new projects and changed 2 existing ones
    • Included 16 new land, 6 new naval and 2 new air units
    • Major changes and redesign of many existing units
    • Many civilisations have a second unique unit
    • Completely new selection of 42 civics from 6 categories
    • You can play from 1700 AD in a new scenario
    • Improved the interface in various ways by including the BUG mod
    • You can play on Epic or Marathon game speed thanks to embryodead's RFC Epic/Marathon modmod
    • Two new difficulty levels featuring stronger AI opponents
    • Almost every already existing RFC civilization will experience an entirely different game due to changes in their UP, new UHV goals or general starting situation and environment
    • Replaced Carthage with Phoenicia, starting in 1200 BC in the Levant
    • Different spawn dates: India (1500 BC), Japan (525 AD), Netherlands (1580 AD) and Germany (1700 AD)
    • Completely new civic system with a set of six more historical and universally applicable choices per category
    • New stability system with more transparent factors, gradual effects in the form of different crises, and improved performance
    • Diplomatic institutions overhaul: new rules and resolutions for the Apostolic Palace and United Nations, extended and optimized Congress mechanics
    • New religions: Zoroastrianism, Orthodoxy and Protestantism. Christianity is founded as the Orthodox faith, with Catholicism and Protestantism branching off through specific events (the Great Schism and the Reformation, respectively). All civilizations have their specific pagan religion in case no major religion is followed.
    • New religious spread rules, with religions gradually spreading around their holy city depending on historical spread in various regions on the map. Owner state religion can influence which religions can appear, and religions can disappear when the owner state religion changes
    • Improved colonization of Africa and Asia: building the Trading Company grants conquerors to certain civilizations, and Congresses can be used to settle empty territory
    • You can win through a new victory type, the Unique Religious Victory. Different victory conditions exist depending on your state religion. Without a state religion, you can still win the Polytheism (Pantheon civic) and Secularism (Secularism civic) victories
    • Expanded Space Victory that requires a chain of space projects and concludes with establishing a colony on Mars
    • Various map changes to accomodate other additions. In particular, China, India, Scandinavia and Canada have been completely redone
    • Cultural control spreads gradually to individual tiles
    • Inclusion of the SuperSpies mod: Spies acquire experience and promotions, Great Spies are created from Spy experience in the same way Great Generals are
    • New specialist and great person type: Statesman and Great Statesman
    • Female Great People with appropriate graphics
    • Many new leaderheads have been added for all civilizations to cover all eras
    • Additional requirements for wonders, such as civics, resources and religions, to enocurage their historical placement
    • The plague can't kill units anymore
    • The AI receives help in many ways so it can better create historical empires, especially for Greece, Persia, Rome, Arabia and Mongolia
    • Many small changes to improve balance and AI performance

    You can find a complete list of features here.

    Spoiler :
    The Roman Empire and Hellenistic Successor States in the Middle East
    Spoiler :

    Western and Eastern Roman Empire against the Sassanid Empire
    Spoiler :

    The Abbasid Caliphate and the Byzantine Empire in the Early Middle Ages
    Spoiler :

    China, Korea and Japan in 1700 AD
    Spoiler :

    Mongols invading Song China
    Spoiler :

    China and Korea under Mongol control
    Spoiler :

    India divided between the Mughal Empire, the Maratha Empire, the Kingdom of Mysore and the British East India Company
    Spoiler :

    Holy Rome, the Ottoman Empire and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 17th century
    Spoiler :

    Russian eastward expansion into Siberia
    Spoiler :

    Spanish Mexico in the 16th century
    Spoiler :

    Canada and the United States in the 19th century
    Spoiler :

    Gran Colombia and Mexico next to the remaining European colonies in the Americas
    Spoiler :

    Newly independent Brazil pushing into the Amazonian interior
    Spoiler :

    Spanish conquistadors landing close to Aztec Tenochtitlan
    Spoiler :

    The Reformation spreading to Catholic Portugal
    Spoiler :

    Thailand and the Dutch East India Company in Indonesia next to the Spanish Philippines
    Spoiler :

    Portugal establishing its Trading Company in Malaysia
    Spoiler :

    United States being invited to a global congress in Constantinople
    Spoiler :

    Mongol hordes pushing into Persia
    Spoiler :

    The ancient world after the foundation of the Achaemenid Empire
    Spoiler :

    I hope you enjoy influencing the history of the world!

    For more information, please visit the main mod thread. Besides a full list of features, it also includes links to additional modules that improve the mod even further.

    DoC is still in active development. To report bugs, suggest new features or get access to the live development version of the mod, simply visit the development forum.


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    12. civ4screenshot0072_228.jpg
    13. civ4screenshot0073_8HI.jpg
    14. civ4screenshot0077_68R.jpg
    15. civ4screenshot0078_5BV.jpg
    16. civ4screenshot0069_N5c.jpg
    17. civ4screenshot0079_72A.jpg
    18. civ4screenshot0080_Glm.jpg
    19. civ4screenshot0070_78T.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Enyavar
    Version: 1.16
    Have played this Mod for several years now (since 1.14, when it was already incredibly good), and it steadily (albeit slowly) improves more and more ever since.
    Best of all, the creator takes fan feedback serious, but doesn't bend or compromise on his own vision how his mod has to look and behave, namely historical accurate wherever possible.
  2. Louis the XIV
    Louis the XIV
    Version: 1.16
    Best Mod Ever Created!!!
    Only 2 problems, Crusades are Missing.
    Takes a long time to open.
  3. Gallowglass1259
    Version: 1.16
    Probably the best scenario for Civ 4
    Takes some time to load tho