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Dawn Of Man v0.2 2016-10-05

This mod changes the look and feel of the Dawn of Man screen a little bit.
Basically it makes:
- The screen a little bit wider
- Changes the two fortification icons to the Civilization flag icons
- The underlying positioning code has been updated so when the size of the
screen changes the position of everything else is automatically calculated.

Installation Instructions:

1) Unzip this into the "civ4_install_folder\Mods\" or
"warlords_install_folder\Mods\" folder
2) Open the CivilizationIV.ini configuration file
3) Change the Mod line to read: Mod = Mods\Dawn of Man Mod
4) Load the game.
5) Then play as normal.

alternately this mod can also be added to your custom assets folder with no

-----Notes to Modmakers-----

If you want to use this mod component in your mod I have tried to make things
as easy as possible for you. I have placed # < Dawn Of Man Start > and
# < Dawn Of Man End > everywhere I made changes to the original files.

-----Version Information-----


- Fixed the issue where the "Dawn of Man" screen was not displaying in the
correct location in all of the screen sizes. Reported by Caesium.

- Added replaced the starting tech text with icons.

- Shortened the "Dawn of Man" text box and expanded the leaderhead info panel
to make room for the new tech icons.


- Setup the Dawn of Man Mod infrastructure

- Made all of the changes needed to the Dawn of Man screen to make it a bit
more flexible than the original.

-----===Credits & Thanks===-----

- Exavier
[TAB]Composite Mod - readme.txt format

- White Rabbit
[TAB]For providing the idea for the mod
First release
Last update
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