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Death Company 2019-03-08

Dawn of War Conversion

  1. Fortis1
    Converted from DoW: SS, Blood Angels mod.

    If a Blood Angel Spaces Marine succumbs to Black Rage, starting experiencing visions of their fallen Primarch Sanguinius, he paints his armor black and joins Death Company.

    Rare Death Company Marine survives a battle, as Black Rage twists their mind, but fights with unmatched fierce and sensing no fear or pain. Death Company Chaplains carefuly lead these berserkers to battle. If a Death Company Marine manages to survive somehow, he either dies from grivous wounds, suffered from enemy, or executed by Redeemer of the Lost, as death considered a better fate, then transformation to a mindless bloodthirsty monstrosity.


    1. DeathCompanyLarge.png