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Want a more difficult single player challenge? You've come to the right place. This mod adds two new difficulty levels, Deity+ and Deity++, by extrapolating linearly the AI bonus progression of starting units and yield boosts.

The mod also adds two alternative rulesets, in which the AI gets fewer or no starting units, and instead gets larger per-turn bonuses to science, culture, production, etc. These rulesets provide similar functionality to the Smoother Difficulty mod by RushSecond, or to my own mod Feudal Ranks for Civilization 5 from way back in 2014. The idea is to give the AI an even progression of bonuses instead of an enormous starting advantage that forces you to play catchup throughout the game.

Note: the mod DOES NOT "improve" AI decision making in any way. However, care was taken to make it compatible with mods such as AI+, which do aim to improve AI strategy and tactics.

All AI bonuses for each of the three alternative rulesets are listed in the table below.

Deity++ table.png

Implementation comment: some of the AI bonuses are marked with red in the table. This indicates cases where I would prefer to continue increasing the bonuses, but that was impossible because all bonuses in the game have a maximum limit of +100% (hard-coded in a part of the code that modders currently cannot access). In these cases, the mod instead nerfs human player yields, also indicated with red in the right part of the table. (Exception: no additional nerfs were made in the Standard Ruleset because I wanted to provide an option for playing with completely "vanilla" rules at a level higher than Deity.)

Just unzip into the mod folder, i.e. make everything look like this:
\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods\DeityPlusPlus\[7 files]

Don't forget to restart Civilization and then enable the mod in the main menu under Additional Content. The mod will be active when you start a new game (it won't work for games that were started without the mod).

Finally, choose difficulty as usual in the basic game creation screen. If you want to use the options that reduce AI starting units, use the Advanced Setup menu instead and choose one of the alternatives in the Ruleset dropdown list (see screenshots below).
20170111140008_1_cropped.jpg 20170111140040_1.jpg

Deity++ doesn't replace any existing files and it only changes settings related to difficulty levels, so it should be compatible with pretty much any other mod that doesn't tweak difficulty levels. But so far I have only tested it with AI+ and Milder Agendas & Relations.
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