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Demo mods for CCP Version 1.61.0005a 2016-10-05

Requires the Civ 4 CCP (get it here)

7 Demo mods available at present. To install, unzip the file anywhere inside the python sub-directory of the CCP folder.

Demos included:
DEMO_ActionButton - shows how to add an action button
DEMO_AIAutoPlay - shows how to use the AI_Autoplay mod
DEMO_CustomOption - shows how to add an option to the options screen
DEMO_MoreCityName - ask SimCutie... :mischief:
DEMO_SimpleUnitName - ask SimCutie... :mischief:
DEMO_DemolitionMod - based on Snaitf's Demolition Mod. Allows buildings to be demolished
DEMO_AITester - will run games autominously and log results.
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