Detailed Worlds 2.12

Re-worked climates, rivers and custom map scripts with additional details.

  1. Seven05
    Detailed worlds is my personal adjustments to several world generation utility functions and customized map scripts with added detail. The primary objective of this mod is to make the world more interesting, particularly with the detailed versions of the included map scripts.

    Basic Features
    The following features will work on all generated maps while this mod is activated:
    • Larger deserts without more desert tiles per map. While the deserts will be approximately the same portion of the world they will often be more cohesive resulting in a few larger desert areas rather than many scattered desert tiles.
    • Fixed rain forest placement. No more ugly band of rain forest tiles at the equator! Rain Forest/Jungle placement is now more dependent on the underlying map and will be more frequent in certain areas. Rivers and coastal areas can have large Rain Forest regions. The total number of Rain Forest tiles is that same as the default scripts (and affected by the rainfall option).
    Detailed Maps
    In additional to the basic features, the detailed version of map scripts also have the following features:
    • Minimal polar land. 99.9% chance of being able to circumnavigate the world by boat. (Low sea level may be harder still)
    • Added coastal detail. More coves, bays, islands to make each landmass more interesting to explore, settle and conquer.
    • New river generation. Rivers are now affected by the rainfall option in advanced setups (only when using a "Detailed" map script).
    The following custom maps are included:

    Continents - Detailed
    Pangaea - Detailed
    Small Continents - Detailed
    Fractal - Detailed
    Archipelago - Detailed
    Mixed Continents - Detailed
    Island Regions - Detailed
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Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. jprc
    Version: 2.12
    Archipelago ... finally!!!
    I really do not understand why it is not in the vanilla games.
  2. Tovarish
    Version: 2.1
    Firaxis are lazy
  3. MjM
    Version: 2.06
    Wonderful map script that has delivered on creating unique detailed worlds, more so than in the base game, far beyond base quality, in fact.
  4. shadin23
    Version: 2.06
    i think the focusing biomes in one location should be TONED DOWN at least for DESERT... i had a large map that had 2 civs fully on desert
    beside this i did enjoy the change of scenery
  5. pokiehl
    Version: 1.45
    Very fun map scripts, lots of variety
  6. dschoon
    Version: 1.2
    Great map script, but it seems Sea Resources no longer spawn as of the Fall 2017 update.
  7. Isengard Hobbit
    Isengard Hobbit
    Version: 1.2
    I like the map that created. I choose fractal and i got a big continent we a few big islands, like more than 8 tiles. The only issue i see, and perhaps is related to the latest patch is that i got zero sea resources.
  8. Shadenaut
    Version: 1.2
    Sprawling deserts with multiple oasises, little coves with sea villages and crabs and rainforests that take more than 1 tile and are not even near polar caps - it's haven.
  9. ZeOldOne
    Version: 1.2
    All of this seemed logical to me but still neened a mod. Plus I love twisted coastal design (like irl coasts) and the river thing was needed too imo. Great work, tyvm.
  10. yDNA
    Version: 1.1
    I used this together with the Larger Worlds by the same author and generated 10 or so Small Continents maps of the largest size and was pretty impressed with the result. Distinct continents with ocean inbetween and occasional large oceans, sometimes a few sometimes lots of islands of various sizes. This was my favorite result: