Detailed Worlds

Detailed Worlds 2.12

- Fix for crash when combined with mods that alter the percentage of coastal lowlands
-Coastal lowlands reduced on Archipelago maps
-Coastal lowlands evaluate the map within 2 tiles to determine validity
* Better Volcano Placement (possible bug in original Firacis code fixed)
Volcanoes now not allowed within 2 tiles of an existing volcano.
Volcanoes not allowed adjacent to more than 3 existing mountain tiles.

* Floodplains updated to add "old" style flood plains to all desert rivers
The "old" style flood plains provide yield bonus but will not flood.
Only allowed on flat desert without a "new" style flood plain.
No visible difference from flood plains that flood, surprise!

* Increased number of coastal lowlands
Base game limited to 35% of potential lowlands, increased to 50%. This is, realistically, about 15% of the total coast compared to roughly 10% before based on restrictions for while tiles can potentially be lowland in the first place. No hills, not adjacent to mountains, not adjacent to natural wonders, not adjacent to lakes and not already a flood plain.
Full support for Gathering Storm

Starting locations are still horrible, this mod doesn't do anything with them.

See Steam Workshop for more consistent update information and uploads when I forget to do it here.
- Fixed incorrect file versions, all map types work again!
New map type: Island Regions - Detailed

- Fixed errors with random seal level option
- Improved accuracy of sea level on Mixed Continents maps
Improved build time on most map types
Added check to ensure land percent is within expected values
Several of the recent changes in the Mixed Continents map have been incorporated into all other detailed version of the map scripts. The Mixed Continents map is still very much a work in progress, it is prone to generating maps that don't have enough total land so i recommend using it with caution.
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New map type: Mixed Continents - Not quite Continents, not quite Small Continents.

Mixed continents generates a map that has a combination of various landmass sizes. It can generate landmasses larger than Small Continent maps allow but smaller than standard Continent maps. There is an added random chance of "Indonesia" style regions with multiple mixed size islands.
Removed changes to resource generation to increase compatibility with other mods. This removes the fix for resources appearing on small landmasses.

Re-worked lake code (again) for more consistent results.
Fixed error with freshwater lakes generation
Fixed error with desert detection for lakes & rivers
Fixed error with detailed hill pass
Added better logging (logs.lua.log)
Fixed old localization strings that weren't used, the mod is more user friendly for non-English users now.

Uploaded to Steam Workshop
Reef placement is really fixed this time!

Also added the ability for each different map to have custom levels for all features, for example archipelago maps have a higher percentage of jungles and forests so there will be fewer barren islands
Quick fix to allow the Rise & Fall reef feature to appear, I reduced the frequency of it from the base game as there tends to be a lot of coastal tiles on Detailed Worlds maps. You'll find a few but there won't be many, i was seeing 5-6 reef tiles on a large map when I tested it.
Fixed excessive one-tile lakes
Replaced Firaxis ice code with the original code from this mod
Sorry about the delay!

Detailed worlds now fully supports (and probably requires?) Rise & Fall
Incorporated the random resource fix from the winter patch
New map types:
  • Fractal - the wild sibling of continents & pangaea
  • Archipelago - Small continents too big?

Updated resource placement rules to limit them on small islands.
The main addition in this update is the cleanup of large inland seas. Right now they're simply filled in. Pangaea and Small Continent maps have much more consistent results now.
Quick landmass adjustments for all three custom maps to grain values and sea levels. This should help with small continent and pangaea maps but we're still very much at the mercy of the random seed.
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