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Dicator: The Eurasian Wars 2016-10-05

Dicator: The Eurasian Wars

  1. CurtSibling

    The Eurasian Wars represents the natural evolution from the old ‘Dictator’ series of mods. Featuring multiple rules/events sets, 24-bit graphics, cunning unit stats,
    fiendish AI attacks and much more. The Eurasian Wars takes you back through time into a world of addictive WW2 battles where you can re-create or re-write history.

    It is STRONGLY recommended that the player check out CIV2’s useful ‘Civilopedia’ for a full outline of new scenario content. This README will serve to explain how
    to install the mod, how to get started, what civs are playable, and the most essential gameplay notes. There will also be some reference on renamed mod content.

    Please note: This scenario is for CIV2 Test of Time.


    The Eastern Front: You can try to triumph where the Reich failed, or hold off Hitler's legions!

    The Pacific Front: Can you thwart Japan's imperial greed? Or will you serve the Emperor?

    Stay tuned for updates to this scenario!


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