Dido of Carthage

Dido of Carthage 1.0

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Adds Carthage lead by Queen Dido to the game. She is an aggressive expansionist who will stop at nothing to steal your land. Be careful if you plan to befriend her. When she is enabled the Carthage City-State is replaced by the Tunis City-State.


CUUs: Carthage's unique units include the African Forest Elephant and the Quinquereme. The African Forest Elephant is a replacement for the Knight unit, and it is unlocked with Stirrups. The Quinquereme replaces the Quadrireme, and it is unlocked with the Shipbuilding technology.

LUA: Altayih: Dido will receive a free trade route for every Encampment District built.

CUA: Phoenician Heritage: Commercial Hubs and Campuses placed next to Coastal tiles will receive an additional adjacency bonus. Harbor Districts can be built in half the time, and upon contruction of a Harbor, Carthage will receive a free Builder unit.

Leader Agenda: The Canaanite Way, Likes Civilizations that have a large army and lots of gold. Hates Civilizations with a small army and lots of gold.

Credits: Notorious: General Code, Liberty: CS Replacement.

Compatibility: YnAEMP (No LargestEarth Support, all other maps supported.) and all mods made by me. It currently uses the music from the Scythian Civilization. Compatibility with other mods has not yet been tested.

Or get it on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1124567284
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