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Dieter's Europe CiV 2016-10-05

Dieter's Europe CiV

  1. Dieter VonClam
    UPDATE June 27, 2011
    Added Stone resource

    June 7, 2011:
    Added Denmark DLC; though still located in Oslo to have a major civ in Scandinavia.
    Moved Genoa to Benghazi
    Tweaked Oil very slightly

    UPDATE - VERSION 3 uploaded!
    I completely revamped the map to deal with the 3 space minimum change; moved starting positions for Spain (N/E) and Berlin (E) from proper locations to allow better city settling ability. Completely reworked resources - less food and placed more strategically to allow for "realistic" city growth/population. Toned down luxury resources, but still enough to go around. Strategic have been adjusted but still in realistic locations and quantites adequate to field significant armies.

    Hi Everyone;

    This is a new map of Europe, the Med, North Africa and the fertile Crescent. It is very similar to my Europe map for Civ4 but with a bit more added to the east. I put this map together specifically for CiV, it is not a transfer.

    I've finished updating the map. Added 5 more Civs (details below), adjusted the lands and resources around the Arabs, Rome, England and France to help improve game play. Tried to reduce reources and rivers around France to limit their advantage even though I have no reasonable explanation why they are so dominant. Moved previous city states to new locations - Fez, Kyiv, Riga, Cyprus and Reykjavik.

    Carthage - Songhai
    Vikings - Japan
    The Huns - Mongols
    Celts - Iroquois (starting location is Budapest; would have used Vienna to represent Hallstatt but pushed them East to balance play a little.

    There are also 26 City States on the map; most are in historical locations. Those that did not originate in these regions have had the city name changed and have been placed in city locations that I felt have some importance.

    As always the map is plentiful in resources which are also in realistic locations. This is done to allow players to build a city congested empire/map while allowing each city to be realistically large and productive. Note: this will speed up game play and increase AI advantages making higher difficulty levels even more challenging

    I will keep improving and modifying the map as we go. If anyone finds any problems or has any suggestions I'd love to hear them, so I can do my best to keep improving the map.

    Thanks, and Enjoy!


    1. civ5screen0008_v66.jpg
    2. civ5screen0010_RST.jpg
    3. civ5screen0011_V74.jpg