Dieter's Europe & Mediterranean 2016-10-05

Dieter's Europe & Mediterranean

  1. Dieter VonClam
    The map is 52x45 and has 18 civs: Greek, Roman, Fench, English, Dutch, Spanish, Portugal, German, Viking, Carthage, HRE, Celtic, Byzantine, Ottoman, Egypt, Arab, Russia and Mongol. Each starts in historical locations with some exceptions; HRE start in Vienna (to substiute for Austria), Ottoman start in modern Ankara as the Byzantines are in Constaninople, Arabs start in Damascus as Mecca is not on the map, Vikings in Stockholm as Nidaros is farther north than the map goes, the Celts in Warsaw to play as a Polish empire, and the Mongols are in southern Russia/black sea area. The map is very congested, packed with barbarian cities to give realistic city locations. All civs start with 2 cities and with no techs so anyone can get to the early religions. There is an almost over-abundence of resources also in realistic and historical locations. The game will play considerably faster than a standard game; I'm assuming because of the 2 cities and tons of resources... Enjoy


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