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Diplomatic Defeat Mod 2018-02-03

Substitute for Diplomatic Victory

  1. FearSunn
    This mod introduces completely new feature into the game - Diplomatic Defeat.
    Substitute for Diplomatic Victory and World Congress from previous Civs versions.
    You will lose if your relations with other civilizations deteriorate below certain levels.

    Single player only! AI can NOT be defeated by this mod, only HUMAN is affected!

    You will be defeated if (all conditions should be satisfied):

    --You have no friends at all;
    --Any AI opponent has friendly relations with more than half of all major civilizations;
    --This AI player has Diplomacy Service civic researched;
    --You have unfriendly relations with more than half of all major civilizations;
    --All majors have already met each other.

    --PLUS Additional CS safeguard: you won't be defeated if you are suzerain of:
    math.max ( (numMajorCivsAlive -1 ) * 2, math.ceil(numMinorCivsAlive / 2) + 1 ).

    This mod stacks well with More Strategy Mod.