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District Cost Mod 3.00

Changes district cost to scale based on the number of identical districts already built

  1. PlotinusRedux
    Simple mod that changes district cost to scale based on the number of identical districts already built rather than with science progress and relative number compared to other civs.

    The idea is that (1) scientific improvements shouldn't make districts more expensive to build and (2) there is currently no disadvantage to going wide rather than tall. This provides at least a district cost increase to going wide.

    This is completely experimental--I don't know if it will turn out to be a good idea or not.

    With v0.3,

    * Base district cost is now multiplied by the era of the tech or civic required to produce it;
    * Costs increase per copy at the rate of 5/12 original base cost for 1 per city districts (i.e, 25 hammers a copy for most districts), and half that for multiple per city districts (i.e., neighborhoods).
    * Special districts now cost and increase at 2/3 the rate of the base districts, instead of the default 1/2.

    With the new formulas applied to the base districts (they're applied by SQL updates with formulas, so should also work with district mods), the current version gives:

    DistrictType                   Cost   Increase
    DISTRICT_ACROPOLIS               80         17
    DISTRICT_AERODROME              360         25
    DISTRICT_AQUEDUCT               100         21
    DISTRICT_BATH                    66         14
    DISTRICT_CAMPUS                  60         25
    DISTRICT_COMMERCIAL_HUB         120         25
    DISTRICT_ENCAMPMENT              60         25
    DISTRICT_HANSA                  120         17
    DISTRICT_HARBOR                 120         25
    DISTRICT_HOLY_SITE               60         25
    DISTRICT_INDUSTRIAL_ZONE        180         25
    DISTRICT_LAVRA                   40         17
    DISTRICT_MBANZA                 120          8
    DISTRICT_NEIGHBORHOOD           300         13
    DISTRICT_ROYAL_NAVY_DOCKYARD     80         17
    DISTRICT_SPACEPORT             2000          0
    DISTRICT_STREET_CARNIVA          80         17
    DISTRICT_THEATER                120         25

    The 5/12 number was chosen to approximate the same overall progression as the per civ/tech version for a normal sized map, which was 1000% over the game. At a 25 per copy increase, for instance, the 22nd campus built will cost 600, the same as it would cost at the end of the tech or civics tree.

    Suggested adjustments for map size are in the comments in Districts.sql. Later I may adjust the multiplier automatically based on map size.

    This does get rid of the spend 1 turn to start a district to lock in the cost exploit, btw--a started but unfinished district still counts for the increase per copy cost.

    Feedback (positive or negative) is welcome.

    As usual, unzip the file to Documents\My Games\Civilization VI\Mods