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Divine Yuri's Custom City Panel November 22 Update

Divine Yuri's Custom City Panel

  1. Divine Yuri
    I've been hearing some complaints, and had some myself of the City Panel. I generally thought the lack of information on the panel itself was it's greatest downfall, and wanted to correct this.

    Mostly what I've done is added a ton of the information that can be found in additional information tab onto the panel itself as tool tips, switching the food yield to show growth yield instead of total, and also replacing the "Number of Buildings" bar for a "Number of Districts out of Total Possible" bar.

    The additional tool tips I added were:
    • Now if you hover over the new "Districts" bar it'll show the built districts in the city, and the buildings in each district. As well as telling you when a building or district is pillaged.
      Spoiler Screenshot :

    • The tool tip for the religions bar shows how many citizens follow each religion, your pantheon belief, and benefits of the dominant religion in the city.
      Spoiler Screenshot :

    • The tool tip for the Amenities bar shows the current mood of the city the benefit/hindrance of that mood, and the breakdown of what's causing the lost/gains of Amenities.
      Spoiler Screenshot :

    • Hovering over Housing will give the current food modifier from housing.
      Spoiler Screenshot :

    • Added food lost from population, and modifiers to the food tool tip.
      Spoiler Screenshot :

    • Update (Oct 25th 2016)
      • The production bar on the city panel has been changed to show total production on the right side of the bar.
      • Whenever the production panel is open the city-panel now moves the the left as to not be covered up by the production panel.
    Spoiler Screenshot :

    • Update (Oct 26th 2016)
      • Spoiler N/A with newest Version :
        • The Growth bar has been shortened to make room.
        • Added a Expansion Bar which will show how long until the city expands it's boarders. (The color of the bar is temporary as I write this)
        • Expansion Bar that show total Food and Culture.
      • Added tooltips to the Growth Bar.
    Spoiler Screenshot :

    • Update (Nov 22nd 2016)
      • You can now turn off the mod from the main menu. It'll still enable from the start.
      • Added info to current production in the form of a tooltip in the same way a tooltip would be displayed in the production panel.
      • Right clicking the current production icon will links to the civilopedia of what ever's being produced.
      • Next growth tile will display when a city is selected.
        • Additional information is displayed when the city manager is open.
      • Citizen Growth bar changed back to normal size, and now resembles the production bar.
      • Merged the Manage Citizens, and Purchase Tile tabs.
        • This can be reverted back by setting uo_CityManagementMerge at the top of the CityPanel.lua file from true to false.
      • You can also Merge the Production Panel tabs, but this is not on by default.
        • To merge the Production Panel tabs set uo_CityProductionMerge at the top of CityPanel.lua file from false to true.
      • (technical) Tabs on top of the panel are now connected to a lua event that can be fired by external mods to add new tabs.
    Spoiler Screenshot :

    How to install:
    Drop the contents into the DLC folder.
    "Steam\SteamApps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\DLC"
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Recent Reviews

  1. ShadowBadass
    Version: November 22 Update
    This is probably the most needed change in Civ VI. GREAT JOB! I have one issue, seems like every time I place a district down it then locks the "Manage Citizens" to "Change Production" buttons. The only way to get them back to function is to load the game back up.
  2. gnom68
    Version: November 22 Update
    It give the needed informations on one view, should be vanilla
  3. Frankie Leonie
    Frankie Leonie
    Version: November 22 Update
    The only must have mod for Civ6
  4. Fangh
    Version: 2016-10-30
    There are a lots of good information in the new UI yuri has created ! I love it !
  5. plus
    Version: 2016-10-30
    excellent mod!
  6. Kabba QuzAi
    Kabba QuzAi
    Version: 2016-10-30
    Thank you so much, and keep on enhancing!
    Best mod I've seen so far! :D
  7. truetom
    Version: 2016-10-30
    should be vanilla
  8. Tipok
    Version: 2016-10-30
  9. jerseymike25
    Version: 2016-10-30
    Fantastic, thank you for your work on this
  10. Ace Cooper
    Ace Cooper
    Version: 2016-10-30
    Best mod I've seen so far. Thank you, Yuri!