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DJSHenninger's Nepal (BNW) renovated and VP compatible 2.3

DJSHenninger's Nepal mod rewritten in SQL, compatible with Vox Populi, with updated mod support

  1. jarcast2
    Original design

    Design if playing with Vox Populi mod

    • Mod is playable standalone with or without Vox Populi
    • XML code converted to SQL
    • Updated mod support (JFDLC, YnAEMP v25, Additional Achievements)
    • VP compatibility (UA tweaks)
    • Support for More Unique component for VP mod
    The 3rd and 4th unique components automatically activate when you enable the More unique components for VP mod.

    Spoiler Pictures :

    Thread for feedbacks and discussion

Recent Reviews

  1. Asterix Rage
    Asterix Rage
    Version: 2.1
    Very pleased to see a such unconventional Civ with nice arts and balance.
    Thx the author to make it VP compatible.