DMS' Civilizations - Corsica (Pasquale Paoli) for VP

DMS' Civilizations - Corsica (Pasquale Paoli) for VP V12

Adapts and updates Corsica (Pasquale Paoli) for Vox Populi. Does not require the original mod.

Requires Events Activated

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Original mod Credits:

  • Danmacsch: Design, SQL, Lua, Text, Art (Leaderscreen, Icons, misc)
  • Scapegrace: Design
  • JFD: Lua
  • Machiavelli: Lua
  • Regalman: Map
  • Civitar: Original Macchieri model
Artistic Credits (All Rights Reserved to original authors):
Development Credits:
  • Astérix Rage: Leader Icon Patina
  • Hinin: Research, Design Master, Macchieri 3d models modifications, UnitIcons and BuildingIcons, FlagIcons, new GameTexts, Diplomacy and AI flavors, Testing
  • gwennog : SQL, Lua, Design Disciple, help on UnitIcons and BuildingIcons, CivIcon, Armigeri 3d models modifications, Testing
Special Thanks:
  • DMS, JFD, Adan_eslavo, Sukritact: lua inspiration and source
  • Irkalla: Civ Icon guide
  • Deliverator: 3d model guide
  • HungryForFood: Lua API wiki
  • Astérix Rage: Icon and Screen dimension guide, valuable advice for the artistic part
Documentation (Sorry, in French):
  1. Histoire de la Corse et des Corses par J-M Arrighi et O. Jehasse.
  2. Grosjean Roger. "Le complexe torréen fortifié de Cucuruzzu (Lèvie, Corse). Première campagne de fouilles, 1963". In: Bulletin de la Société préhistorique française. Études et travaux, tome 61, n°1, 1964. pp. 185-194.
  3. Pascale Paoli, Un Corse des Lumières par M. Vergé-Franceschi
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Latest updates

  1. Small modification of Stantari

    As Monument, replace "Reduces the :c5culture: Culture cost of acquiring tiles by 25%" by +34%...
  2. 3.0 compatibility

    3.0 compatibility
  3. Change Promotion Icons

    Added new original Promotion Icons
  4. Fixed a bug on the great musician event

    When expended a Great Musician, World Wonders produced :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points during...
  5. Update, design and corrections

    Stantari now gives the Across all Boundaries Promotion to Settlers and Workers Mixed Macchieri...
  6. Added Recursive's new victory code

    Added Recursive's new victory code
  7. Change for game balance an Texts corrections.

    Game Balance: Decrease of the Macchieri's :c5strength: CS to 24 and remove Attack Bonus (25)...
  8. Change for game balance, Texts corrections, Improved Events visibility and Events gameplay change.

    Game Balance: Remove Stantari :c5production: Production when a :c5citizen: citizen born Remove...
  9. Complete rework of the first adaptation on a G&H Design

    A lot of change New UA UUs reworked UBs reworked
  10. Change part of the UA and other small tweaks

    Change part of the UA Music is now functional Modify some Corsica civilization biases
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