DMS' Civilizations - Corsica (Pasquale Paoli) for VP

DMS' Civilizations - Corsica (Pasquale Paoli) for VP V12

As Monument, replace "Reduces the :c5culture: Culture cost of acquiring tiles by 25%" by +34% faster border growth in the City
Added new original Promotion Icons
When expended a Great Musician, World Wonders produced :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points during the event, fixed.
  • Stantari now gives the Across all Boundaries Promotion to Settlers and Workers
  • Mixed Macchieri 3Dmodels
  • Corrections of UU and Pasquale Paoli texts
Added Recursive's new victory code
Game Balance:
  • Decrease of the Macchieri's :c5strength: CS to 24 and remove Attack Bonus (25) Promotion
  • Change GWAM events to make Corsica less tradition oriented
    • GWriter : +1 :c5science: Science from GPTIs and +5 % :c5production: Production in all Cities for 15 turns, scaling with Era
    • GArtist : +1 :c5gold: Gold from Luxury Resources, +1 :c5food: Food from Bonus Resources and +4 :c5goldenage: GAP from WW for 15 turns, scaling with Era
    • GMusician : +5 XPs to all Units, +1 :c5faith: Faith from Specialists and +1 :c5culture: Culture to Strategic Resources for 15 turns, scaling with Era
  • Correction and improvement of Pasquale Paoli Texts, thanks to Hinin
Game Balance:
  • Remove Stantari :c5production: Production when a :c5citizen: citizen born
  • Remove game speed modification for XPs (GMusician Event and Marauder Promotion)
  • Set GMusician's Event XPs to 5.
  • Decrease Cost reduction of the Macchieri (-33% to -25%)
  • Correction and improvement, thanks to Hinin
  • Now visible in Events Overview
  • Durations of events of the same era are now cumulative
  • The bonuses of the events of different era are cumulative and the durations run in parallel.
A lot of change
  • New UA
  • UUs reworked
  • UBs reworked
Change part of the UA
Music is now functional
Modify some Corsica civilization biases
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