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Dom Pedro II's Civilization 4: Test of Time 2016-10-05

*File is up again!!* :)
Dom Pedro II's Civilization 4: Test of Time

Well, it's finally here. This mod is far too complex to put a full description here, so I will refer you to the Test of Time Guide PDF file I have created. That will include a full description of changes as well as screenshots.

This is still very much a Work In Progress, so keep that in mind. This is essentially a public beta of the mod. I'm looking for tough (but polite) criticism to better help me improve this mod, so feel free to leave your comments in the mod's discussion thread.

Note: I recommend setting the game to HIDE Python Exceptions since I'm getting some kind of issue with BUG that I have yet to resolve.

Thank you.

Simply download the file and unzip it to your preferred Mods folder.
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