Dracula of Transylvania Scenario (MGE) 1.0

A Transylvanian Dracula dark fantasy themed scenario by Exile.

  1. Blake00
    A Transylvanian Dracula dark fantasy themed scenario by Exile.

    Hosted by the Scenario League. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE.

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    Original Description/Intro:
    ^^DRACULA OF TRANSYLVANIA-a fantasy/historical scenario
    ^Besieged on all sides, Vladimir of Transylvania, surnamed the Impaler, seeks
    ^to preserve his mountain principality from the Tyrks to the south, from the
    ^Tartars in the east, and from the Hungarian Kings on the Danube. Lacking
    ^resources for the task, Vlad has made an unholy alliance with the forces of
    ^of Darkness. The Transylvanian Prince has become one with the night, and
    ^Vampyrs, fiends born of slaughter and thirsty for the blood of the living,
    ^will appear and render service to Vlad. The foes of Transylvania are many,
    ^and it is rumored that even nature itself will strike out at the mountain
    ^lord, so terrible is the price that has been paid. Called by the Tyrks
    ^Dracul or Dracula (meaning Dragon), Vlad now seeks to stave off the
    ^unyielding assaults of his enemies by defeating their armies and laying
    ^waste to their lands, impaling both soldiers and peasants alike, and leaving
    ^only grotesque fields of the tortured dead, held aloft by the impaling
    ^Government switching is permitted, pollution will not appear