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Dragon 2016-10-05


  1. Civitar
    Chalid's Dragon unit converted to Civ5 with 39 custom animations! There are more animations than any one unit could use at once, and soon I hope I will have figured out how to give him fire breathing attacks. The fxsxml included is not even my favorite arrangement of animations - just the fastest one I could do :lol:.
    So if you want him looking great, use Granny Viewer to see which animations you like then build a new fxsxml.
    Thanks to Nomad or What for the civ4 download (and not jumping to get this before me;)) and to Deliverator for discovering the problem with the meshes.


    1. dragonidle_q2P.png
    2. dragondefend_3VE.png
    3. dragonrun_5Mn.png