Droids 2


  1. clanky4

    This mod adds a couple of different droids employed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems as late game units. Not a whole load of thought went into balancing these robots, any suggestions on that are welcome. :lol:

    Specifically a Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid, Drodieka, and MagnaGuard unit. They all use custom or semi custom animations which have varying degrees of functionality. The droid models are all converted from Star Wars Battlefront 2. The Battle Droid's animation is based off of the NextWarAutomation kfm. The Super Battle Droid's and Droideka's(I honestly can't believe I got it to do that) animation are based off of the RedCoat kfm. The MagnaGuard just outright uses the longbowman's melee animations.

    A few of the units animations are a bit dodgy but they all work.

    There is also now an AAT, NR-N99, Vulture Droid, and HMP Gunship. All converted from Star War Battlefront 2. They all use basic unedited tank, jet fighter, and gunship kfms respectively.

    There are also now a few space fighters, and capital ships.


    1. droids_GS8.png
    2. battledroid_F2i.png
    3. superbattledroid_qfO.png
    4. droideka_4Tu.png
    5. magnaguard_D52.png
    6. cisveh_UhJ.png
    7. ships_20p.png

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  1. droideka laser update

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  1. Midas03m
    Version: 2
    Really good units.
  2. vincentz
    Version: 2
    Very nice units and animations. Thanks :D