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Dromon 2016-10-05


  1. Edgecrusher
    This is a unit I rigged together from some existing items on CFF.
    What this does is add the Dromon Unit and the Flamethrower Effect to the standard game via Modules. The sound entries (included in a text file) need to be manually merged.
    It can be used as a new UU for the Byzantine Empire or for whatever use one might think of.

    Note: There is a 2nd animation file, that adds the effect to the Trireme animation. To be used for units that use that animation.

    The boat itself is the War Galley, pulled from Total Realism.
    The effect is from the Flamethrower unit by Alazkan Assassin ?
    The sound I found online somewhere a while ago.


    1. ss2_zG9.png
    2. pedia_NnG.png