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Drtad's Armenia [Warlords] 2016-10-05

This adds Armenia as a playable civilization! For Warlords only. Now updated to problem free version 2.3! Vartan Mamikonian, General Andranik, Emperor Tigranes, and King Drtad as leaders, Armenian Legionary as UU, and Shoogah as UB. Vartan and Andranik now animated! (and fixed in 2.2)

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why 9 strenght om armenian legionary? why stronger tham romans?
Looks rather nationalistic.

more realistic is 6 strenght and add +25% vs mounted since they defended alot against mounted civilizations.
It is an old screenshot of an older version where I had spelled legionary wrong everywhere.
On the "Select a Civilization" screen, you misspelled the word "Legionary" under the "Unique Units:" section. You spelled it correctly in-game, though.

Also, I think you can skin Huayna Capac to look like Vartan Mamikonian. It'd take some work, but then you can have an animated version of the leader, which is always nice.
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