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Drug Resources v2.0

This mod which focuses on drug-based luxury resources. Now you can get high in game, too!

  1. cd5ssmffan
    • Works with all map scripts
    • Has its own resource generation algorithm
    • Compatible with mods such as More Luxuries
    • Unique, mipmapped graphics
    • The Public House building
    • 7 new luxury resources

    Betel Nuts
    Coca Leaves
    San Pedro (mescaline cactus)

    Disabling Resources
    1. Find DrugResourceList.lua
    It is located in \Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\Drug Resources (v 1)\Lua

    2. Follow the instructions in the file. Comment out any line beginning with "OnMapResourceGenerator"

    Planned features
    Originally, I included a few religious beliefs and two religious buildings to complement the resources. However, I have decided to leave those features out for now as to make the mod work in vanilla. I might release the content as a separate add-on to this mod later.

    Drug Refinery
    A building with a custom interface which allows you to refine your luxuries. You will lose all happiness and output to that resource and won't be able to trade it anymore, but in return, you will gain some amount of refined strategic resources, for example, black tar heroin or cocaine.
    Using these strategics, you could "dope" your units, giving them a small bonus to strength, range, in exchange for movement, visibility, etc. to balance it out.


    1. betel.jpg
    2. canna.jpg
    3. coca.jpg
    4. khat.jpg
    5. opium.jpg
    6. cactus.jpg
    7. tequila.jpg
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