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An awesome Dune Arrakis scifi scenario for Civilization 1 created by @Autumn Leaf .

Zip contents:
CIVIL0.MAP - CivDOS save file
CIVIL0.SVE - CivDOS save file
S_Dune.sav - CivWin save file

Scenario converted to Civilization for Windows using MountainMn10's CivCracker and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Respective files successfully tested in CivDOS & CivWin. Recommend CivWin users try the scenario with Honza's CivWin DOS graphics mod and Blake's CivWin Soundtrack Overhaul mod. NOTE: Custom unit names in original DOS scenario do not work in CivWin sadly.

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Authors notes and rules:
The Spice must flow!

This King level scenario is set on the world Arrakis, also known as DUNE. This is a desert world. The only water available for irrigation is to be found in the qanats.

You are Muad'dib, leader of the Atreides (Greeks), based at Sietch Tabr. Your initial opponents include five Fremen factions, Vladimir Harkonnen of the Harkonnen (Russians), and Emperor Shaddam IV of the Imperials (Barbarians).

- control all remaining spice sites (mandatory);
- leave at least one AI opponent alive (mandatory);
- build Apollo in Arrakeen (mandatory unless OCC, Arrakeen destroyed or Apollo is built by AI);
- build one SS Structural (mandatory);
- save the game and upload your save files (mandatory);
- launch space ship (optional).

You can use any legal method you like to gain your objectives, up to and including the destruction of all the spice. The only absolute requirement is that you must control all spice (if any) on the planet at the time you launch your spaceship.

Spoiler :
- Fastest win with the most spice (2 turns off per) and most destroyed initial AIs (3 turns off per).

Scoring example: Player One destroys no opponents and all but 1 spice and wins by 1500 BC. He gets two turns off for the 1 spice, so his score is 1540 BC. Player Two captures 21 spice and destroys 4 opponents and wins by 500 BC (i.e. 50 turns later). He gets 2 x 21 = 42 for the spice plus 3 x 4 = 12 for the AI, for 54 turns off. Player Two wins with a score of 1580 BC versus Player One's 1540 BC.

In detail: you must take sole control of all spice sites (represented by Oil Swamps), and also build the Apollo Project in Arrakeen (*if* it has not already been built by an opponent and *if* you are not playing OCC and *if* Arrakeen has not been destroyed), and finally export spice and jihad to the galaxy (colonise Alpha Centauri). Each surviving spice you control is worth two turns off your completion date. Each INITIAL AI civ destroyed (Imperials and successor AI civs are worth nothing) is worth three turns off your completion date. Overlook even one spice, and your score is 0 because you don't have a monopoly on the spice.

Controlling a spice site means either destroying the spice ("the ability to destroy a thing ...") by mining or irrigating the Swamp; or else the spice is visible within the city window of one of your cities *and* you have a military unit standing on the spice to guard it *and* it is not within the 20-square city window of any opponent. The more spice sites you actively control (rather than destroy), the better your score, but as you can destroy any unwanted or indefensible sites, or destroy the spice of a city you cannot capture or do not want, you do not need to build a city beside every Swamp. If playing OCC, you must obviously destroy all spice sites except, optionally, the one controlled by your single city, being the only way to control them all.

Fast Settlers are allowed. You may reload to prevent the AI building Apollo Program or Manhattan Project before 1 AD. No other cheats may be used.

Since controlling the spice may require defeating your enemies anyway (their capitals all overlook spice sites, so you need to either capture or destroy the city or else destroy its spice), conquest is not a valid objective for this scenario. If you conquer the world your score is 0, so you must keep at least one opponent (initial or successor) alive while ensuring that they cannot contest any spice site.

Your spacecraft has already been delivered to Arrakis orbit by the Guild of Navigators. Once the Apollo Program is built you need to build just one SS Structural for the spaceship to be ready for launch with a 20.1 year flight time. *Nobody* has Plastics (required for SS Component) or Robotics (required for SS Module), so even if they build Apollo Program your opponents cannot build a viable spaceship. This is a one-horse space race, you just need to harness the horse.

Technology research has been disabled. You start with exactly the same technology as your opponents, and nobody can make new discoveries. Your only edge will be how you use it. All goodie huts have been removed to prevent acquiring random technology from huts - a pity as I rather liked the concept of spice blows!

You do have every essential advance for a modern society, with some important omissions. You have useful things like Religion, Factories, and SDI Defence. You have Rocketry and Nuclear Fission, so once Manhattan Project is built everyone will have nukes (family atomics). You have Flight (Thopters), but *not* Advanced Flight (no Bombers). The Republic and Democracy are not available. No Gunpowder or Conscription. You can build factories but not Mfg. Plants, because allowing Robotics would allow the AI to build SS Modules. There is no Railroad (too powerful and I'd have to build and destroy Darwin's Voyage to prevent technology advances). Horror of horrors, there is no Trade!

Militarily, you have Family Atomics (99/1/16), Thopters (4/2/10), Cannon (8/1/1), Sandwalkers (4/1/2), Sardaukar (3/1/1), Fremen (2/1/2), Guards (1/2/1), Townfolk (1/1/1), Mentats (0/0/2) and Pyons (0/1/1). The Thopter compensates for the generally weak defensive units, making the capture of Thopter-defended cities potentially very expensive; but a Thopter's range is limited: there are no Carriers so it must land in a city at the end of every turn.

Your opponents start with pre-built capitals with Barracks, City Walls ands a Thopter. The Imperials control Arrakeen and have outposts out on the sands guarding spice sites. Imperial outposts can't grow, but will send out patrols and hinder access to nearby spice. You should destroy any outposts you find. Arrakeen is the best city site on the planet, but is strongy defended. If all goes well, Arrakeen will build the United Nations in 3960 BC.

OCC players: your Settlers are already standing on an excellent OCC site, unless you want to go 2 squares east to settle on a hillside (better defence, less food, same spice).

Scenario Designer's Notes:
(WARNING: possible spoilers.)

People found my Riverworld scenario a little hard. Well, this one is much easier. You are very unlikely to be destroyed by the AI: the challenge is not to survive but to win as fast and as well as possible in an unusual geographical, technological and economic setting.

In terms of scoring, the fastest time in which the game can legitimately be won will be determined by how long it takes you to find all the spice and get Pyons there to destroy it or to build a city by it! This will probably take longer than it will take you to capture Arrakeen and build Apollo. For example, it takes at least 50 turns for a Pyon from Sietch Tabr to cross the map to reach the furthest spice site. You might get there a little faster by boat, or by using Sandwalkers to capture an AI city near the spice and force-building Pyons from it, but that's the scale of the challenge you face. Spice is everywhere, even deep in the antarctic ice.

If you are playing OCC you won't get much spice bonus since you've got to destroy most of it, but destroying the spice with Fast Settlers is probably a little faster than capturing it whereas people playing a conquest game will get more score from spice but (probably) will take a little longer. Since you only need to build one Wonder and one SS Structural and there's no research, an OCC player is not disadvantaged by having only one city to build things in. On the other hand you can't power through by WLTKD or building Caravans. (Sandworms ate all the camels!)

If you're playing smallpox, each city site can support two or three viable cities giving each city at least one Oasis, two or three Plains or Grasslands, and all the desert the traffic will bear. This is probably the "easiest" military win if you're not playing a Civ version where having too many cities under Monarchy or Communism makes people unhappy. Otherwise bigpox may work better since you can plant your city in the middle of several high-food Specials for fast growth, but keeping those big cities happy without bankrupting yourself will be hard and the city will top out around 20 population and may be plagued by pollution.

If you want to refer to a Dune map, the game map is a polar projection of Arrakis, with the north pole at the centre and the south pole around the rim. Your starting point is near the site of Sietch Tabr, while Arrakeen is in the Imperial Basin. Don't get too invested in how things "should" be though, as I have taken liberties with locations to fit the needs of the scenario.

Although qanats are the only source of water for irrigation, there is a south polar ocean. Civ crashes around 2720 BC if there is no ocean available where it wants to generate sea barbarians, so I had to give the planet an ocean. To be safe, I ringed the map with ocean. The shoreline is all Arctic or Mountain terrain, so the AI will never build port cities. There are a few spots where you can build a viable city with a seafront, but without Mapmaking or Navigation the only way to get ships is to bribe an Imperial Sail. You might then use your mercenary to ferry units across the Date Line, but that's about it for the water in this game.

Because I had to make the planet habitable enough for the AI civs to flourish and put up a fight, large oases make the desert more viable for settlements than you may expect. Some locations can support cities with 20 population.

Beyond a few hills, there are no natural barriers to movement, so you will need a good military to block infiltration by enemy units (and of course, to capture enemy cities). Your nearest neighbour is within a one-way Thopter ride, but is too far away for you to get there before they complete a Guard. Expect early contact.

Since there is no research and no Trade, you should set your taxes to 100% to maximise early income. Without Trade and Republic your economy will never be robust, so think carefully before building expensive city improvements that may sap your budget. Since there is no research, the values of the available Wonders need to be reassessed. Some Wonders are already obsolete (Oracle, Shakespeares's Theatre) but others never will become obsolete. (The obsolete Wonders aren't flagged with asterisks in the city build lists. I know where the data is that I need to change, I just haven't got around to writing a utility to make editing that data easy yet. But I have verified that the obsolete Wonders don't work.)

The base world map was built using DarkPanda's JCivEd 0.18a. I then polished the save file with my own tools.

Quick answers to a couple of likely questions. No, this desert-arctic world will not improve if you nuke it. Plains will turn to Desert. Grasslands may turn to Swamp or Jungle. Hills, Mountains, Rivers, Deserts, Arctic and Tundra will be unaffected. Also, letting the AI build Apollo or Manhattan too soon will not improve game play.

Demonstration Video:

Scenario in CivWin with Honza's DOS graphics mod


Scenario in CivWin with vanilla graphics


Custom units (CivDOS ONLY!)


World map is actually a planet shape!

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