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Dune Wars: Revival 1.10 (Windows Installer)

Dune Wars: Revival

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    Dune Wars: Revival - The sleeper has awakened!

    Dune Wars: Revival is a new modmod of Dune Wars the total conversion mod for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword. Duneman (Mr M from Civfanatics) has put a lot of work into refining and enhancing the gameplay of the mod in the last year. The result is a much more polished, flavourful and immersive game so if you played the original Dune Wars or if you're a fan of Frank Herbert's Dune setting, previous Dune games or just 4X strategy in general then you should check it out!


    A summary of some of the new features in Dune Wars: Revival:

    New Faction!

    House Richese - The focus of House Richese is production. Their unique worker can build the Richesian Mirror improvement which provides more hammers than the Solar Farm. They also specialise in Suspensors with the Suspensor Base and unique Suspensor Chaser unit. Later they can build the Sentinel Mech unit and the Suspensor No-Cruiser. The Doubling Line building allows two-for-one when building vehicles and aircraft.

    Enhancements to existing factions

    Bene Tleilax - Axlotl Tanks that can hatch a ghola based on a 'Genetic Model' stored. Gholas can only be created from the Melee, Guardsman, Vehicle, Thopter and Suspensor combat categories. The Face Dancer, with the 'Genetic Manipulation' tech, has a small chance every turn inside a rival's borders to shapeshift into the corresponding rival spy. The Tleilaxu Master replaces the Great Prophet and has special abilities.

    Bene Gesserit - Truthsayers may pass on part of their experience if caught. New Buildings - Sister's Hall and 'Other Memory' Archives.

    Fremen - Can build cottages on Caves and have new 'Cave Stealth' promotion. Can reclaim water from units killed nearby if they have a Deathstill.

    House Atreides - Fast assimilation of conquered cities as well increased likelihood of retaining buildings. New 'Splash Bombing' promotion.

    House Corrino - Can capture War Prisoners, perform emergency conscription and has new 'Noble' and 'Assualt Guardsman' promotions.

    House Ecaz - Can hire Mercenary Gladiators, Lasgun Soldiers and Cruisers. Higher chance of units appearing in the offworld unit pool. Can bride defeated units inside borders.

    House Harkonnen - Captured slaves can be put to a variety of uses including put into battle in the Arena. Gain espionage through combat.

    House Ordos - Can scavenge science and hire Elite mercenaries and acquire gold from combat.

    Ixian Confederacy - Can build the 'No Cloak' tech experiment project.

    Other Features

    Highly Competitive AI thanks to numerous enhancements - you may need to drop a few difficulty levels!

    New 'Water Fat' victory condition - Reach a population of 33 in three cities.

    Lots of updated 3D and 2D artwork

    New intro movie and movies for some events such as sandworm attacks and sandstorms

    ... and much much more, you really have to dive in to appreciate everything new!









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