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Durkle's Chickasaw

This mod adds the Chickasaw to the game led by two leaders: Chiksa' and Tishomingo!

  1. Durkle
    The mod is available from the Steam Workshop here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1525870307


    UA: Unconquered and Unconquerable
    Land units receive +5 Strength when adjacent to a river, increased to +10 in friendly territory. Cities with both an Encampment and an Entertainment Complex receive extra Production towards units and can build one more district than usual.

    UU: Night Raider
    Chickasaw unique Classical era unit. Slightly weaker than the Swordsman it replaces but has +5 Combat Strength when besieging a district. Defeating enemies yields Gold, doubled outside of friendly territory. Can pillage for only 1 Movement point.

    UB: Stickball Field
    Chickasaw unique building that replaces the Arena. Training a unit in this city yields culture equal to half of the production cost of the unit.


    LUA: Kohta Falaya
    Great Prophets and Generals produce a Settler when expended. Settling cities yields Great Prophet Points.


    LUA: Servant King
    Units trained in cities with a Governor earn 10% more experience per promotion that Governor has. Fully promoting a military unit grants a Governor Title. Gain access to the Mounted Rifle unique unit.

    LUU: Mounted Rifle
    Industrial era light cavalry unit unique to Tishomingo's Chickasaw. Kills boost the loyalty of friendly cities and diminish the loyalty of enemy cities. Heals itself from kills within 4 tiles of friendly territory.