Durkle's Olmec 2018-10-28

Adds the Olmec to the game led by Po Ngbe!

  1. Durkle
    Adds the Olmec to the game led by Po Ngbe!

    The mysterious and long-lost ancestors of the Aztec, Maya, and more return to the fray. Use the power of science and religion to transform the harsh land around you into a jungle paradise. Expand your trade network across your continent, forging the way with the strength of obsidian. Do this, and you can once again earn your reputation as the mother culture of Mesoamerica!

    Civilization Ability: Rubber People

    Cities founded on a river provide an additional Trade Route capacity, and meeting a new civilization provides a free trader unit if there is an available slot. Rainforest tiles adjacent to a Campus, Holy Site, or Commercial Hub receive +1 Production.

    Unique Unit: Obsidian Warrior
    Strong spearman replacement unique to the Olmec. Can move and see through forest and rainforest. Kills yield Science equal to 50% of the Strength of the defeated unit.

    Unique Improvement: Colossal Head
    Unlocks the Builder ability to construct a Colossal Head, unique to the Olmec.

    +1 Faith, +1 Science. +1 Faith if adjacent to a Campus, +1 Science if adjacent to a Holy Site. Cities with at least four Colossal heads provide a Great Artist Point. May be built on Rainforest. Cannot be constructed adjacent to another Colossal Head.
    Po Ngbe
    Leader Ability: Venus-Rain-Maize Complex

    During a Golden Age, the Adjacency bonuses of your Holy Sites yield Science, and the Adjacency bonuses of your Campuses yield Food.
    The city state of La Venta is replaced with Nanih Waiya, an ancient Earthwork which the Choctaw consider sacred.

    Nanih Waiya
    Nanih Waiya Suzerain Bonus

    Unimproved hills tiles in your territory yield +1 Faith and have +1 Appeal.
    pssst... kid... you want some good yields? put a holy site in between six rainforest tiles, put colossal heads around it, and then build chichen itza... that one's on the house

    Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1550591452
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