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Dwarf Flame Cannon 2016-10-05

Dwarf Flame Cannon

  1. Nomad or What
    flamecannon3_BTs.jpg flamecannon1_sJR.jpg flamecannon2_q22.jpg flamecannon4_07W.jpg flamecannon5_B6M.jpg

    Dwarf Flame Cannon; Uses BFMEII dwarf models for the captain and gunner. The cannon is a mix of Bakuel's Civ IV Ottoman Bombard and Malay Melaka siege units. Uses CiV Cannon animations with custom effects for the cannon tip and Byzantine Dromon fire attacks. Very high poly-count unit (10,000+).

    Part of the Middle Earth Unit Conversions discussion thread.

    EDIT 04/02/16: Team color added; minor modifications made to the cannon.