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Dwarfs & dark elves 2016-10-05

Dwarfs & dark elves

  1. Ahwaric
    In case anyone will have any use for these ;)

    The pack contains:
    Dark elf pikeman - pikeman animation(based on highelf phoenixguard)
    Dark elf crossbowman - crossbowman animation(same)
    Dwarf axeman - heavy swordsman animation(very light change of Chugginator's model)
    Maros (dwarf hero) - heavy swordsman animation (based on the above unit)
    Warhammer style Troll slayer - swordsman animation (seZereth's punks from Fury road)
    Dwarf thunderer (musketman) - musketman animation (based on Chuggi's dwarf axeman)
    Dwarf crossbowman - uses crossbowman animation (same unit)
    Dwarf Mortar - animation included (based on bombard from EE2 by Walter Hawkwood & Xenomorph, added crossbowman as crew member)


    1. dwarfs_and_elves_do8.jpg